Cadets have the opportunity to attend courses and obtain rank, which is an indicator of experience and competence. Cadets with rank teach and lead other cadets in the field and barracks environment.

Cadets with rank have an enormous variety of responsibilities in the field and in the barracks. In barracks, they are responsible for the upkeep of discipline and morale, the education and training of those under their charge and associated administrative duties. It is a role that requires initiative, originality and organisation, skills advantageous in any field of work or area of life.
In the field, cadets with rank are in charge of the general well-being and activities of their charges, sustaining morale and health as well as collecting information and relaying orders.
Leadership in the army cadets can act as a foundation for later on in life, building self-confidence, teamwork and interpersonal skills.


As cadets spend time in the unit, they are eligible for promotion up the cadet ranks. Cadets with rank, known as Non-Commissioned Officers, or NCOs, are tasked with responsibilities including instructing and leading a group of cadets. Cadet ranks include:

  • Cadet
  • Cadet Lance Corporal
  • Cadet Corporal
  • Cadet Sergeant
  • Cadet Warrant Officer Class Two
  • Cadet Warrant Officer Class One
  • Cadet Under Officer