Our History

BHHSACU now has a company strength of over one hundred and fifty cadets and this number is growing as new generations of future leaders enter the unit.

The unit has continued to expand over the years, being apart of the 2nd NSW Brigade – Army cadet, which is compromised up of other school-based unit in New South Wales. BHHSACU has produced many outstanding leaders who have taken positions with the NSW AAC Brigade and other AAC Battalion, as well as senior leadership positions within the school and wider community.

December 14

Captain (AAC) Christopher Charlton is Officer Commanding

Captain (AAC) Christopher Charlton assumes the position of Officer Commanding. Christopher has been with the unit since the raising of the unit in 2000.
December 14

Captain (AAC) Peter Brady retires from command

After dedicating more than 15 years to the cadet  Captain (AAC) Peter Brady retires from being the Officer Commanding of the unit. Focusing more time to his own business and family.
April 14

15 Years Young

Baulkham Hills High School Army Cadet Unit is 15 years young
May 1

BHHSACU Returns To Original Status

Baulkham Hills High School Army Cadet Unit became a member of 26 AAC BN (Sydney Schools), returning to its original status as a School Based Unit.
March 17


The name “BHHSCU” was abolished. Consequently, the unit’s name was changed to “BHHSACU”, standing for Baulkham Hills High School Army Cadet Unit.
August 1

Captain (AAC) Peter Brady Assume Command

Officer Commanding, Captain (AAC) Peter Brady assumes command over Baulkham Hills Cadet Unit
April 14


Baulkham Hills High School Cadet Unit (BHHSCU) was formed in 2000 by the “twelve lone rangers”, twelve Year 12 students who had a wish to have an army cadet unit at the school. The application was finalised and the unit opened in 2001 as a School Based Unit (SBU), recruiting students from Year 7-12 at Baulkham Hills High.